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Smartwatches are more popular than ever, but people only really use them for exercising. So, English bank Coutts gave their customers a new reason to digitally accessorize.

Using heart rate monitoring and GPS tracking, they let wealthy millennials who like playing with their money invest in the things that excite them.

Even if they don’t realize they’re excited.


The elegance Coutts customers expect, personalized for the digital world.

We turned the meridian line in Coutts’ logo into a heartbeat, showing how we’re using wearable data to help young customers follow their instincts.

coutts logo png-10.png


When the Coutts app is opened, the logo becomes your heartbeat

to show the wearable is paired.

watch pairing.jpg
pair my device phone.png


During your onboarding FaceTime with a Coutts advisor, we use your wearable to monitor your heart rate and see which financial topics cause it to spike.


Your advisor then reviews those topics to determine whether they’re causing excitement or concern, providing a good jumping off point to explore exciting new opportunities and areas to improve the stress points.

coutts onboarding-04.png


notifs about location-Recovered.png
coutts gps lines-05.png

Using your wearable's GPS data, Coutts will take note of the places you frequent throughout your life, and which ones cause your heart rate to spike from excitement.

We’ll notify you about investment opportunities related to those things that you love.


As you scroll through a report of investing options tailor-made to your interests, we track your heart rate and determine which options excite you the most. By following your instincts, we make investing more efficient, and more exciting for young people while showing how Coutts provides personal insights, and unparalleled financial expertise.

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 12.58.04 AM.pn


Using motion sensing, the wearable can detect when you’re in transit

and likely have some free time. We’ll have both financial and investing reports

prepared for you to review in your down moments.


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